What is Litrabit?

Litrabit is a new system of trading exclusively built for the purpose of using in Universities. It's enabled to do trading in University via shopping, fees, fines and everything according to University. Nowadays there are many ICO's out there working for financial gain only, but not for the betterment of the students. We are proud to take this step and help the students in paving the way for their future.

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Here are all the services provided by Litrabit.

University Fee Payment

Library Fee Payment

Cafeteria Fee Payment

And Much more


With Litrabit You can easily pay your fees without any hassle. Litrabit is a single token designated for all your educational needs


Litrabit is not just for education related transactions needs but incorporates all the needs of a student, that includes paying at a cafe or a book store.


Litrabit is going to introduce a buyback process that incorporates the banking system. So students can easily convert their Litrabit capital into fiat currency for whenever they need it. We are going to introduce specialized Litrabit DebitCard for this purpose.

Crypotcurreny vs Traditional Cash for Education

Following are the main features of Crypto Currency.


Resource ownership is ensured by the blockchain innovation, which gives carefully designed decentralized store of records. Which means there can be no fraud, counterfeiting or theft of resources that goes undetected.

Price Discovery

LitraBit assets are Ethereum based and freely tradable on digital currency exchanges, ensuring price transparency and discovery of current value.


Cryptocurrency exists on digital platforms which will allow anyone to make a transaction anytime without the need to be physically present somewhere which makes it available 24/7 without bank holidays and time limitations.


There aren't major discounts or premiums attached to the buy or sell of an assets of Cryptocurrency. So LitraBit’s Purchasers and venders can exchange property tokens without causing significant changes in resource costs or worth.

Low Fees

Since multiple 3rd parties will be taken out of the picture with a decentralized blockchain based currency, which everyone has access to. This will result in lower cost of services


Once Created Digital Currency exists in a fixed number which cannot be manipulated or changed later. Which enables it to sustain its value.



A specialized app specifically designed for trade in LitraBit cryptocurrency provided on all major mobile platforms. This will include features such as Peer to Peer transaction, Automated University Fee/Dues Log, Applicable Scholarship Details and Information, Services Payment Options and many more services that enhances ones experience in education related activities.


It is a fact that a student cannot take his mobile phone everywhere such as an exam hall where bringing in a digital device is strictly prohibited, but a student can have a need to make a financial transaction anywhere anytime. For this purpose it will be a mistake to limit the LitraBit transactions to only a single device such as a smartphone, the solution for which will be introduction of a specialized LitraBit Debit Card which will be directly linked to the users LitraBit Wallet. Another variation of this Debitcad will be linked to the central banking system so that when a student is in a situation where he/she needs other non-crypto forms of currency such as a US Dollars, they can easily use a LitraBit Debit Card at an ATM and exchange the LitraBit tokens at the current exchange rates.

How is Litrabit system going to be implemented

Token Distribution


Distribution of Funds

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